Physics – black hole

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From the RI – a great discussion by Sean Carroll and Jennifer Ouellette

I absolutely love their intellectual clarity and ability to dumb it down for a gastroenterologist like me!

Three principles have to be conserved

  • No drama – Alice falling in the black hole, does not notice anything unusual
  • Locality – pebble falling in the pond and there are waves
  • Information : conserved.

In my opinion all three are conserved in the black hole.

  • In the black hole – space and time are lost. Or once time is lost, space is lost. Going beyond the event horizon, time slows down further and further , but remain imperceptible to us but once you reach the singularity both time and space is lost. Locality only applies when there is space and time
  • The same thing applies to information. Information by default presupposes time – what was before and what was after. So you can only apply the need for information at event horizon but not once inside the black hole.
  • Drama – same issue, it is needed only with the concept of time and space

All the discussions then apply only to event horizon and not inside the black hole.

So what happens when you touch the singularity ? – Since time and space are outside the singularity – you merely look at the event horizon to know any aspect of time or space (events). It is immortality – you always exist beyond the clutches of time or space.

Now the final question, is it possible to go in the black hole and come out?

Yes and no. All atomic and subatomic particles are destroyed. So the material particles cannot go in and come out. But there is something – the awareness of atomic particles – which we call consciousness – can easily be retained.

This is the interpretation of a Yogi.

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