Does God have a shape?

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Strange question and it will offend many people

Just think about it. Vast universe. I am sure there is life elsewhere. Do they all look like humans? Soon enough we will find life soon. It may not look like humans. So if they think there is a God, wont they draw God looking like their shape? Or course they would

As humans we would think of God looking like a human. Hinduism, went beyond and drew God looking like a tortoise, or a fish, or part lion – Narsinh avatar etc. Now, think of this. God is everywhere. So if there is something that is everywhere, what kind of shape would you give God?

So, in Bhagvad Gita and other hindu scriptures, a key question is asked – Is God Nirakar or Sakar. Does he have a shape or is he without a specific pattern?

Without giving the answer, in Gita, it is said, the path is easier for those who worship God as if he has a shape. If you go to a Church, they will have an idol of Jesus or Mary or both. In other places there is a stone. The stone can be shaped like a human or just a square. Yet that has a shape.

Do you see the problem, our logic will defeat us. No matter what we do, we can never depict God fully and we will end up with a shape. So that is a lot easier than visualizing God as everywhere.

Today, in my group there was a long discussion from some very wise people. They talked about Sakshi Bhav and extolled it. It refers to being a witness (Sakshi). It was funny how they discussed it as if they were masters. Ignorance is very skillful in leading everyone ashtray.

The other statement was from Patanjali Yoga Sutra, chapter 2, verse 21

This is the verse : tad-artha eva dëåyasyâtmâ. Meaning : the purpose of it is only making the atma visible.

I dont want to spoil everyones aha moment, when they realize the truth. But everything that I discussed boils to – Sakshi Bhav, is God with shape and the purpose. I am being vague intentionally. Such controversies will always end up in hurt feelings and a long protracted discussion where no one wants to give up their stand.

Anyone an expert in quantum physics want to teach it to toddlers?

Meaning, such complex statements are only understood when you experience it..and not from your logic. God is always beyond understanding and logic.

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