Live a million lives in one life

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Life is about experiences. I believe that for liberation, one has to go through a million types of experiences. As you finish them off without regressing or getting fixed on any of them you get liberation. There is nothing more that you will desire – provided you are satisfied

Now let’s take money. We all desire money and want to enjoy life. And then when we see a successful movie star or politician, we want to change gears. Or become a Nobel prize winner

So in essence we have created a Cascade of unsatisfied pleasures. Our incomplete experiences which was a million types now became a hundred million. We moved further and further away

Do you see a common pattern? Our desires never included God? Even the desire to be a great priest? Or a great saints? It could very much be to look intelligent, popular and be idolized. Again God is missing

Now there is a Divine touch. The touch of Divine consciousness. Atman. It quickly satisfies all the millions of millions of desires. Now there are some very secret Yoga techniques that can help. It won’t help much though. Since even if anyone told you, you don’t have the power supply to go within ( power supply awakened Shakti) I am not the right person to ask either. So you could find some money and fame greedy internet Popular Idol

But there is a way where millions of births can be settled very quickly.

Is this world still very charming to you?

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