March 2021 archive

Mimetic desire

Link to Original Document Mime means to copy. So mimetic desire, is a copied desire. Something that psychologists and scientists believe is that the desire for something is not within us but comes from outside influence and we copy it….or emulate it Well, I do like the superman show…and I would love to punch my …

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Yoga – in a nut shell. Once again

Link to Original Document I am not talking of the asana or exercise I am not talking about the pseudo meditation The pseudo meditation has its role but it pales compared to the true path of yoga I would suggest not to read any more beyond this. Very likely you will get depressed I was …

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Practical Philosophy

Link to Original Document There is a swami Muktananda which is giving lectures. I happened to see his video in my WhatsApp school friends group posting Now there are a million people who call themselves muktananda So it would be very difficult to find them by an online search The gist of his dialogue was …

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