Practical Philosophy

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There is a swami Muktananda which is giving lectures. I happened to see his video in my WhatsApp school friends group posting

Now there are a million people who call themselves muktananda So it would be very difficult to find them by an online search

The gist of his dialogue was quite foolish. He said there was a man about to commit suicide. The sadhu stopped him. The person about to commit suicide said he had nothing. The sadhu said I can give you 2 million dollars ( 25 Lakh is what he said) but you have to give me your eyes. The man said no. Oh the sadhu said then your eyes are more than 2 million. Anyway at the end the sadhu said so you see you have a lot your body is worth a lot.

To me it seems a foolish argument. The emotional pain of someone trying to commit suicide is immense. How dare you give this foolish logic. Reach out to the persons heart. If muktananda thinks the body is worth a lot, he should go to the cemetery and pay that much money for the body

In the blog I wrote –

I would flip the argument. So if this body is worth 1 crore, give that money to my family and take my body after I die !

Not a practical argument for someone in a lot of emotional pain

All most everyone goes through periods in life where it seems overwhelmingly painful.

At that time they need support. Individual thinking and all the philosophy in the world does not help nor does it bring food to the table

This is where philosophy is not practical. Let’s say there is a person starving Would You go and give that person a lecture saying oh you are the soul. And God loves you ( you could put in Jesus or Allah or krishna etc) Nonsense. That is not the time for philosophy and love. Show your love by feeding the person. Reach out to his heart and needs

So a lot of people have not understood philosophy. It is not about lectures. It is not about discussions or debate. You work for it for yourself. That’s all. But when living in the world you must discharge your responsibility. Not in the form of discussions or giving lectures to make money. Your responsibility to help others. Take care of your family. To your responsibility of doing your best at work.

God does not permit anyone to reach the highest unless they take care of their responsibilities

Now you may argue that Yogananda or Vivekananda left their family But we are not in their class. Vivekananda left his home and made the world his responsibility. Whatever money that was given to him he gave it to the poor in India. He did not have a penny for himself. He did not eat for days and weeks and even though famished and felt he would die in a day ( full thirst and hunger) he was not affected. Such great people live for others

None of the Saints alive are of that caliber. They are all interested in money. And they claim to use it for helping others – only after their lavish life style is fulfilled

So back To the topic. Philosophy has to be practical. Use it for yourself. To get rid of the flaws in your own mind and thinking. Do not ever preach to others If someone needs help, help them with your money and emotionally. When you are enlightened you will learn how to truly help others. That true help, is something like Neem Karoli Baba did.

Be practical. Love others because everyone you meet is a reflection of your inner self. Purify yourself from the deepest corner of heart. If everyone did that, kaliyug would end and Satyug would start. The present day people are selfish and want others to be pure while they themselves remain living in Filth ( thoughts selfishness etc)

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