Make your self happy!

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So, here is the secret!

There is a big difference between perceived happiness and true happiness

We came to earth. With a set of desires. Wants and all our life we chase it. Struggle for it ! Face disappoint and finally get victory. It lasts a while and then taken away!

Every best cricketer is slowly forgotten. No longer in lime light. Every tennis player is forgotten. Every football team victory is replaced by a new victor. Every Hollywood star, every famous singer or music album is replaced by another.

Are you prepared for being replaced ? Are you willing to struggle, be at peak and then forgotten?

I want you to see the hollow victory. Soon forgotten. Soon even the money fades away. A 100 years from now who will care about you? Even George Washington is now criticized because he had slaves.

So all these things are perceived happiness. Pastor Carl Lentz – fell off the grace of the church recently. He was popular in Hollywood. Such is life. On cloud 9 and then in dismay. In his mind being popular with Hollywood actors was an achievement. And in his mind but being popular is a failure

Finally we are reaching the idea. Our minds got buried in the concept of what is failure and success. In reality neither situation gives happiness

So all these things are perceived happiness. It is self hypnosis into believing these things as happiness

We created those things as happiness by our own desire. Desire for sex, money fame. Hence they are perceived happiness

Then what is true happiness? Getting rid of the burden of desire. Get rid of it and you will know joy. With out the turmoil of desire, you can see your true self. You will know your pure self. Joy. Then all the happiness in the world will look like cow dung. Dirt.

Who do you care for? I am the infinite Bliss! That is what Shankarachrya said We should aim for that bliss. Why care for famous people or presidents in this world. In general we think if someone famous or Rich meets us , we think we are lucky. A self realized person knows that the famous person or Rich was lucky to meet you! What kind of award or prestige can you give to Krishna or Jesus? What would it mean to them ?

So the best way to be happy is get rid of the self inflicted pain of desire! Seek true happiness from within

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