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Today in The Atlantic Arthur Brooks wrote a nice article about anxiety. Not really medical but he did a good job

He pointed out to a research by Henry Murray in the late 1950’s. They challenged the beliefs of volunteers and although it was “civil” the results in some cases were long lasting emotional trauma in some of them. Not only that Ted Kaczynski was one of the volunteer. Is it possible that he became the unabomber as a result?

So what happens is that we have some beliefs. And we cling to those beliefs vehemently. Even though if proven wrong we fail to admit that we are wrong. It is like the hermit King crab licking himself in ( as the author describes)

So what does it have to do with spirituality? Spirituality is mostly based on belief. Very free have faith or experience. The problem is in spirituality you can’t easily prove someone wrong or having faulty reasoning or beliefs

It is possible that my writing are erroneous. So I do not want anyone to follow me To me, I am a 100% Certain. That does not mean that I am correct! This has been my method. Always have a healthy bit of skepticism. Any experience has to be verified and validated a 100 times over. Then and only then do I believe it

The goal of spirituality should be simple. Improve yourself in every way so if there is a God he is forced to reveal himself in this physical world. To you. What we do is want god to appear and then make changes. That won’t work!

Now Guru does not require your faith it belief. He can simply do things. You may believe for a short while and then skepticism will creep in

My advise

  • Don’t lock yourself in your false beliefs

  • Correct yourself. Get rid of your flaws, Worries and anxiety

  • Be ready to admit you are wrong. Admit to yourself. No need for public humiliation and flogging! ( news media are the floggers- sadly they don’t know what they do)

  • Like Vivekananda said , we go from lesser truth to higher truths

  • Eventually my blogs will make sense. God is not far at all

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