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Hindus use the word sankalpa. Before every religious ceremony, they do sankalpa

I have asked many people what is the difference between sankalpa and desire. No one has answered the difference.

So let me explain the difference. Desire is, well, desire. You something fun and want it. It really isn’t fun but it looked like it. Very deceptive maya

So sankalpa is a strong determination. For example? Ready? Do you remember Autobiography of a Yogi? Babaji did sankalpa. And created a palace.

Now you may desire to create a palace but just can’t do it. Now very few people can create a palace just by their sheer determination

So, did Babaji have a desire? If course not!

So what is the hallmark of doing good meditation? You develop Sankalpa Shakti. We saw a lot of miracles done by Neem Karoli Baba. It was all a display of Sankalpa Shakti. Or a form of that.

Now go and check your depth of meditation

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