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Do you think we have made progress – in dealing with fear?

If you go back more than 100- 200 years and can imagine life at that time, the hardships they faced were quite daunting No electricity or water. People were at the mercy of forces of nature. Wind, fire, rain , etc. When they traveled there was fear of hazardous unpredictable climate and maybe some thieves on the way. Obviously this creates anxiety and stress and fear

Let’s fast forward to current situation. The weather Is more predictable. But our ability to deal with life with out electricity is significantly lower. But the biggest fear has changed from natural forces to …. yes fear of other humans! How sad! Men are fearful of their spouses ! Kidding. But yes there is spousal abuse. We live with fear from drunk drivers. We live in fear from scam artists, unscrupulous people and fear at job, fear of retaliation, etc.

So my question is do you think we have progressed? Is replacing fear of nature to fear of humans a sign of progress or a sign of failed of humanity?

This is an individual decision and I have no fair way of making a decision or comparison ! I can’t travel back in time and compare but Hollywood and something novel called reading gives us an impression.

Times may change but fear is most certainly a very difficult thing to remove ! You may not be afraid of heights but could be fearful of many other things. So why are we fearful? Is it because we don’t have faith in God?

We may intellectually use logic and say I won’t be afraid but reality is when things go bad we are always fearful !

And getting rid of that fear, is an essential part of faith!

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