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So what is peace?

Depends on the level you are at. For very ordinary people, they experience peace in strains of the world. Such as? They go on a long trip. Come back home and oh this this finally peaceful. Or after hectic day or after an exam is over and you feel peace. I respect them for this viewpoint

From Yoga standpoint, it is not having any Desires. Not a single desire. Patanjali used the work chitta vritti nirodha. Abolishing the tendencies of the chitta ( this includes desires, emotions, etc)

The reason I used etc is because I have not defined chitta. The true meaning yet. It would be impossible to explain. Why? You only know the physical body. And you only know the emotions and desires generated by brain / tendencies. That is not chitta Foolishly, you think you can just say I won’t like sex or food and it will go away. You foolishly believe I won’t be jealous or angry and it will go away. Or taking medications or drugs. Yes – I know the psychologist tell you take deep breaths and keep saying to yourself it will be ok, but if it works, it works on the surface and very poorly. Long term change is challenging and that too occurs only on surface. That is not bad – but is there a quicker way?

I hope you are seeing why a Guru helps. He expedites the changes at a rate that seems impossible. The secrets of Yoga are no where to be seen on the web!

This is the basis of Yoga. Eliminating desires. And when there is no desire, you know the true self and then you know Peace. It is not merely absence of tumult but something that is very very positive

The great Saints abound with it ! You could go with immense anger for the world and in their presence it magically disappears It is very positive

The giver of this Peace is Shankar. Sham means peace. Kar giver. Parvati had to do intense penance for years to get Shankar attention – giving up food and water and enduring the intense cold

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