Our choices in life

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Humans have a funny attitude. About life. Their problems. Their hardship. And about other people and their success

Let’s take a situation of getting married. We get married. Or live together. Except for the legal situation, it is the same. Now when you get married – either arranged marriage if you are from India, semi arranged or you date and fall in love, you have decided to spend your life Together. Unless you are in it just for the money. But want to spend life together means, you are accepting to live with all the flaws of the other person ! After a while, the flaws of the other person will get on your nerves. You who get irritated and later it may cause anger and intolerability and you just can’t cope with it. But whose fault is it? Is it the other persons fault? It is your fault. You consciously accepted and thought that you are strong, incredible and can deal With the faults. Or conveniently blinded yourself to it! The whole problem occurred because you wanted to marry. Or you saw others getting married

Ultimately it was your karma

Or you marry and have kids. Accidentally or knowingly. And the kids are not respectful or loving to you. However, still that is the variable factor of life. You see the difficult family lives of some people. You just did not stop to think it could be you.

Ultimately it is your karma

Now yes there are some people who have good spouses and kids. But they have they own set of other things in life that did not go well

Or you chose not to marry. That is also a karma. And in your imagination you think it would be wonderful. But Uncle Sam will have you pay more taxes. You may not have someone to take you to drs and you will be very lonely at that time. And there are other things that may happen in subsequent lives

Ultimately it was your karma

You can think of many situations. You don’t study and have financial issues later You study but don’t do well. It could be your past karma haunting you.

Thus the end result is all from your karma. So why not do good karma? So what is good karma? Helping those in pain. Financial charity. Giving food Serving others. Meditation so you can destroy your ego. Not complaining when life goes wrong. Being tolerant to others.

What about the karma of talking? That is just as bad. It is said that entire war of Mahabharata occurred because Draipadi said, a son of a blind person will be blind and laughed! It happen when there was the inaugural of Indraprastha, the new Capitol of Pandavas and the palace was built by Mayajal. It was illusory palace where water looked like floor and floor looked like water

The other karma I did not talk about is karma of thoughts. If you keep things evil or bad thoughts of others – hoping or wishing bad on others, eventually the same bad thing will occur to you ! Many times the bad in our life comes from our own wrong thoughts

Thus there are 3 karmas. Karma from body, speech and thoughts. There is a great prayer of forgiveness

From Mukundamala:  
कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियैर्वा ।  
बुद्ध्यात्मना वा प्रकृतिस्वभावात् ।  
करोमि यद्यत्सकलं परस्मै ।  
नारायणयेति समर्पयामि ॥

It means God forgive me for all my errors from the body, speech, mind, from my senses, intellect, or from habits. I surrender my self with all my above actions to you Narayana ( Vishnu )

And eventually you suddenly realize . I was there architect of this mess. You were the architect even of the devil. It was your mind that was the devil. It just close to blame others!

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