An important point to remember in life!

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Mother ( Aurobindo ) reminds of the right attitude in life And circumstances. We all need to remember it. It is the basis of surrender

Here it is

He who wants to advance on the path of perfection must never complain about the difficulties on the way, for each is an opportunity for a new progress. To complain is a sign of weakness and insincerity.

Where the two extremes meet, to complain of anything at all, of oneself, of others or of circumstances, is a weakness and an insincerity towards one’s supreme Self.

The two extremes meet in their effect on the attitude towards the circumstances of life: the total surrender to the Divine Will manifested in all things; and the consciousness of the supreme power that organises all things according to its all-powerful conception. In either case there is no place for complaint: if one is completely surrendered to the Divine, how can one complain about His Will, whatever form it takes? And on the other hand, if one feels the power of organising the world according to the supreme truth of life, how can one complain about the state this life is in, since it depends only on oneself to change it?

Never grumble. All sorts of forces enter you when you grumble and they pull you down. Keep smiling. I seem always to be joking but it is not mere joking. It is a confidence born from the psychic. A smile expresses the faith that nothing can stand against the Divine and that everything will come out all right in the end.

What is my view?

But this Is my caution and it is important to have clarity. Let us say you made the conclusion that it means you gladly accept the circumstances of life – but that is not true either. For example, let us say that your spouse constantly complains about the fact that … I know that all couples in this world are happily married And never have anything to complain …… Hmmmm. On second thought let’s drop spouse complaining. But anyway, now if you are married you will understand why Buddha left his palace and became a monk and became enlightened!

Seriously, let’s say you that there is a colleague of yours who works with you and has become close friends to the boss. And somehow, he manages to take credit for the work you do and your boss has the wrong concept that you are Lazy. Of course this is wrong. You feel upset. Angry. Your mind runs at 1000 miles an hour ( half the speed your spouse talks ). And you have all sorts of thoughts. So what Mother says is

  • Do not let negative depressive thoughts enter your mind. Negative thoughts will bring in more negative forces and cause more calamity in the situation
  • Accept it as the divine will but …
    • She did not say – do not make any efforts to rectify the situation.

And that is the subtle point to remember. What we do is get angry, depressed, gossip and go in an angry mood and fight with the colleague.

However, if you can cheerfully accept the situation. And laugh. And tell the divine mother, I see what you are doing! This is an amazing test to check my endurance. Mother, I will show you my determination to pass your test and be thy favorite child. I won’t get upset. Be a Lion! And you fight negative thoughts and emotions. This immediately brings the attention of divine mother! You don’t complain to divine mother. And mother will give you an opportunity to change the situation. You go to get coffee at the coffee shop. And your boss is there. Now she gave you an opportunity to talk with the boss. But you are calm. Collected. And very happy within to begin with. Your cheerfulness is infective. And you tell your boss, sir , I have done a few significant projects – but I want to excel even further. I am the shy quiet tutor and it is because I don’t like office politics. Do you have words of wisdom?

But such clarity in thoughts only occurs when you are calm and calmly surrendered to Shree Lalitha

So be practical in your surrender. Do not be a door mat. Use and see the circumstances as a step to climb rather than thinking you are being beat up by a bat

That is my summary of the long complex statement of Mother

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