Why I find it difficult to accept the so caled Gurus part 2

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Well, I have a few readers. Not many. I do not know why anyone would be interested in my blogs. Anyway, amongst the many readers, one person Mr A asked me to write part 2. A few asked me privately.

In general many truths are not revealed publicly. Does anyone put on their blog what their income is and their bank balance? The spiritual wealth of a person is far more precious. So those with all the spiritual wealth, the great Yogis (not me) do not reveal their wealth. I do not have much to offer. Maybe a few words here and there. But it does not amount to much

I have heard of a few great great great people. They are the people who talk with and mingle with immortal people. Now mind you, they could be stories. This is where the path bifurcates.

There are the logical scientists who firmly believe in science and assert with confidence that the body cannot be made immortal (well to live thousands of years). Their logic is irrefutable. Those who follow this philosophy, will rationalize all the stories in Hinduism and Christianity. Moses did not get the red sea to part and Krishna was just a very smart individual who gave incredible advise.

Then there are who believe some of those stories blindly. They do believe that there are people who lived thousands of years such as Mirdad, Babaji etc and that Moses did part the red sea and Krishna had incredible powers.

Where do you fall? What can I say? Shastras declare the Atman is a wonder. It is Amazing. It is amazement. She is love. She is splendor. He cannot be described. He is the alpha and the omega. He is the power within the power, and the light within the light of the suns and stars.

As you noticed, I called the Atman, It, she and He. What can be said?

The vedas declare

Pragnanan Brahma

Aham Brahmasmi


Ayam Atma brahma.

The four vedas could not decide. One veda refers to God as he, the other as jyoti or she and third made God gender neutral. The fourth did not give a gender. I learnt this from Dinesh uncle

So, there are those who have touched that wonder. And those who have touched it – were the great people like Moses. With one word, they parted the red sea. Mountains shattered with their thought and the the Kaba followed the feet of such great saints (I have heard this story). There are many stories of people like this. One thing is certain, these great souls, remained humble, in raptures, did not seek an audienece, did not give public speeches and silently helped those around them. They had no money except the money of being with God.

Someone asked me what do I think of a certain Guru. What can I say? I am not the right person to ask. My path is different. I respect a Guru who

  1. Does not seek money and has very little money
  2. A poor disciple is the same as a wealthy disciple
  3. Shankar bhagwan does not awaken shakti in return for money. What kind of a Guru sells Shakti?
  4. A Guru who is freely available and an appointment is not needed to see him
  5. He does not accept a disciple readily. The disciple must show merit before he receives awakening. Maha Shakti resides in those who seek purity. Surely you dont think she will be awake in a rapist, womanizer, murderer, sadist, or someone only interested in the world , money, sex and fame

My intestines go into turmoil when I see what happens in this world. The expensive temples and cathedrals and the places of worships built ? What kind of God is impressed by display of wealth? If that is what impresses God, i have no need for that God. And what kind of fool is impressed by an expensive temple? Instead, find the God in a poor starving person and feed him.

I have read about the wealth of so many different Gurus.

2022 – Top 10 Spiritual Gurus in India – Richest guru in india

There is a competition on it. It is in millions upon millions of dollars. Some of them rival the money Bollywood actors and actresses have. People ask me if they have Brahmagyan? How do I know? But one should use logical discriminatory intelligence and make a decision.

Be clear in what you want. Do you really want to find God, get rid of the cruelty, hardships, and this unloving world, and find comfort the loving arms of Shakti? Make your choice. But asking me is of no value.

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