Why do I find it difficult to understand the so called Gurus

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The best book ever written is Yoga Vasistha Maharamayan. It has many stories. It is a tale of 2 days of the life of Rama Bhagwan. He was summoned to the Kings court but refused to come. Then the Royal Guru Vasistha sent a message summoning him. One thing a disciple would never do is disrespect his Guru. So he came to the court. AT that time Vasistha Maharaj asked him, what is happening why are you sad?

And Ram bhagwan described his lack of interest in life and everything. Finally Vasistha started to speak – gave him a lecture for 2.5 days. Yoga vasistha maharamayan is about it. Just 2 days.

So in that book Vasistha Maharaj talks about God and the vastness of God. He talks about a fruit on a branch of the tree. That fruit is the universe we live in. Maybe we are a drop in the fruit. So on that tree branch, there are thousands of such fruits. That tree has a thousand branches like this. That tree is is in a forrest. That forrest has thousands of such trees. The forrest is on a part of a mountain. That mountain has thousands of such forrests. On that planet, (different from the fruit) there are thousands of such mountains. This continues on and on..(i dont remember).

And then Vasistha Maharaj, describes his greatness. He knows all of those countless universes!

Now that is what I call a Guru.

How can i have any respect for a person claiming to be a Guru, who is stuck on making changes to the world and discussing the world? Just Go within. Ask a Guru, how can I go within? Isnt it foolish to ask about things about this world

Part two of this to follow…if anyone is interested

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