Yogananda Maharaj****talked about antiques. In great detail. He used the word antiquated furniture
What did he mean by it? He was referring to souls who have been thinking the same way for thousands of years! Same habit. Same style. With no change whatsoever!

**For example – if they were stuck in collecting information , all they do in this life is jump from flower to flower collecting information. Then they die and do the same thing all over again. Every time they think they have made progress! Or every time they think idol worshiping is best and continue that. Or they think yoga is best and do their fake illusionary yoga. **
**I have seen people like that. Not that I am any advanced yogi. But they have telltale signs. Sadly there is not Much hope. Why? They have closed all avenues to learning more. God himself can go to their house and they will say I am going to worship my friend here / this fake Guru but not going to listen to you. This happened to Vivekananda and Yogananda. **

**The inner stubbornness of imagining you know and you understand will destroy you****The question comes, then who makes progress? Very very few. **

  •   **Those who are determined to find God and God alone. Not caring for fame or money **
  •   **Those who do good deeds. Bad deeds will darken the forces around you so much you can’t get out of it**
  •   **Those with a perfect Guru.  The level of Guru I talk about - there is no one there**
  •   **Those who read traditional yoga and refuse to follow anything else. No matter How amazing it seems **

**Seems easy but your past habits will prevent you. You will find logic not to believe me. And this is ok. After all you believe god is inferior than your superior logic **
My Guru would make an impossible statement and later 30-40 years later a lucky disciple would say oh! Now I get it!
Such is the tragedy of life – all because of ego and in faulty logic and blind faith in wrong books and Gurus

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