Types of meditation

In reality, there is only one meditation. Merging into pure consciousness is the only meditation. It is Samadhi but there is much more to it. Very few reach there. Why? Because they get stuck in all the other types of illusionary meditation or misunderstood meditation
**So what happens in true meditation. The mind is dissolved. The enormous mind with all its worries, anxieties, desires, sadness, happiness, thoughts, logic, imagination of the world, all the intellectual debates, the ego in it….they all disappear. **
There is a direct method which is the quickest. That is hardly revealed and so what do people do? Imagine their technique is right and cling to it. Or Make up techniques. So as a result over the years different imaginary techniques appeared. Here is a short list of them

### Chinese techniques like tao and chi
**Sufi methods - this is an offshoot of islam**
**Hindu techniques **
**Transcendental meditation, Self inquiry method, focus on chakras, or chanting om, chanting mantras**
**Buddhist techniques including zen,mindfullness, metta, vipassana.**
**Christian technique which include prayers, etc**

Now, the original Buddha technique, what he really taught is lost. Thats my opinion. So as a result over the years, different people came out with their own opinion including vipassana, metta and the newest kid mindfullness. Vipassana for example is very similar to the sohum technique or hungso technique taught by Yogananda. It is a traditional hindu technique of focus on the breath. Similar in hinduism, the original method being lost, people imagine the chakras and use that imagination to focus on different parts of the body
In my opinion all those techniques have flaws. Just what I believe and I am unable to discuss or describe it. It would not be fair to the followers of those technique. So forgive me…and please continue your journey in the method you think will work
The original person who started Meditation, is Patanjali and he describes it in Yogadarshan. He merely said a few small sentences but there are plenty. Only those who have accomplished it can really understand what he meant. For example, he says, doing dharana, dhyan and samadhi simultaneously is Sayam. Generally when people read books on Yoga, they think that dharana , dhayana and samadhi are different intensities of meditation. So how can you do light attention, moderate attention and deep attention all 3 simultaneously? You cant. Then the only true conclusion is you did not understand – at all – what meditation is

These kind of statements generate debates and conflict. I apologize. I am not forcing my thoughts or ideas on anyone. In fact, I very strongly urge that no one should read what I write. Neither am I interested in a question, why do I write it or what the purpose is. Perhaps at some point, when someone, maybe someone is willing to give up all the wrong notions they have, the truth will dawn or can be revealed. However, human nature is such. We already have a preconceived notion, we are married to it, and we retaliate or violently fight anyone who has contrary opinions. This is the basis of multiple religions and methods. It is nothing more than ego generated opinions which we foolishly cling to
Thats why, my friends, the method of finding a perfect Guru, and having full faith in him or her and learning deeper secrets eventually is the fastest way. But you must be willing to give up every opinion you have. I did say eventually since a guru never reveals everything all at once. Why? No matter how hungry you are, you simply cannot eat the vast unlimited wisdom of God. Even a morsel can be hard to digest.

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