Circumstances in life Or how to change life difficulties

**We often find that those who are pure and want to make spiritual progress face adverse circumstances repeatedly. They are very troublesome. And those who are very materially inclined have a smooth peaceful life. The conclusion we draw is life is very unfair. **
**I see this quite often. And I Agree with them whole heartedly. But what I don’t tell them is it is exactly what was needed for them to progress! That unfair circumstances is is exactly what was needed to bring out the negative qualities the person has so he or she can progress. Another beautiful thing about is if they make that self correction in the personality the adverse circumstance disappears. **
This is true whether you have a guru or not. These things show that universal mother, Shree Lalitha has taken an interest in you and is leading you to a Guru. Isn’t that wonderful? If Lalitha had not taken an interest in you, you would not be reading this blog.

This is what Aurobindo – Mother said

**Now, if it so happens that you have decided to progress and if you enter the path of yoga, then a new factor intervenes. As soon as you want to progress, you immediately meet the resistance of everything that does not want to progress both in you and around you. And this resistance naturally expresses itself in all the thoughts that correspond to it. Suppose that you want to make a progress regarding attachment to food, for example; well, almost constantly there will come to you thoughts particularly interested in food, about what should be taken, what should not be taken, how it should be taken, how it should not be taken; and these ideas will come to you, they will seem quite natural to you. And the more you say within yourself, “Oh! how I would like to be free from all that, what a hindrance to my progress are all these preoccupations”, the more will they come, quietly, until the progress is truly made within and you have risen to a level of consciousness where you can see all these things from above and put them in their place―which is not a very big place in the universe! And so on, for all things. Therefore, your occupations and affinities are going to put you almost contradictorily into contact not only with ideas having an affinity and relation with your way of being, but with the opposite. And if you don’t take care from the beginning to keep an attitude of discernment, you will be turned into a mental battlefield.**
**The Mother, Questions and Answers 1956, CWM volume 8, pages 208 - 209.**

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