A smart disciple

One common misconception people have is I am interested in making spiritual progress and hence every Guru will accept me and my work is done. There is nothing further from the truth

A true Guru is not interested in disciples. None whatsoever. He only wants a few genuine disciples. Rest of the world, those who are greedy for the world, want a long long list of disciples, thousands, tens of thousands, nay millions of disciples. Collect money from them, millions of people having their photo, worshipping them, donate to their causes etc.

And most people look at that as success. They will have TV shows, weekend “shibirs”, meditation gatherings, seminars, discussions, etc. I highly encourage people who think that is great,should immediately give up reading my blogs

This blog is not meant for you, and it can only completely harm your cause. Since those are the people who only seek material success and happiness.

Sadly, I am not for them.

So what does a true Guru want. Many many things. I cannot list them all here and they are meant to be kept that way
A short list is as follows

  1. Genuine interest in self realization
  2. Genuine interest in God
  3. Genuine interest in knowing one own fault and correcting them
  4. Following instructions from the true Guru completely
  5. A disciple who has jumped around from Guru to Guru. Why? Because it shows fickle behavior, lack of faith in true Guru, it is like digging multiple holes to find water instead of digging deep in one well, lack of patience, lack of love to Guru, and they are disciples who are still evaluating what is right for them. A true Guru sees through it….and leaves them to continue their true Journey
  6. Honesty.
  7. The list is very long

What can I say? This is not for everyone. Find someone that matches you. But remember, if there is the sediment or impurity of fame, you will find a Guru that wants fame, if there is the sediment of greed, thats the kind of Guru you will find. Thats why, I emphasize on the disciple being fully ready

There are many stories where Yogananda had disciples but they could not stick to him. Why? Their own impurities

Once again, you need a true but living Guru. A guru who has taken Samadhi is no longer physically here is unlikely to help you. There are some spiritual restrictions which cannot be disclosed here

I leave the rest to the reader

I should clarify, I am not a Guru. I will not be a Guru and I am not going to guide anyone. There is no point in reading what I write or pursuing me.

I want nothing from anyone. No one can give me anything in this world.

With this kinds of ideas, how can anyone be worthy?

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