Last weekend was one of the most auspicious days. It is called Gurupurnima. Purnima means full moon. Guru is the word used to refer to a spiritual teacher. I am talking of a perfected spiritual teacher whose level of experience is similar to Babaji, or Ramana Maharshi or RamKrishna Paramhansa

So how is it observed?

On that day, people go to visit their Guru. If the cannot go there, they will either call or send an email or a letter. They will then worship the Guru like God. The focus is on the feet of the Guru, right feet and right toe. They will then do an arti of the Guru. Arti is where they take a lit up diya, and worship the Guru – like God.

Now, this will seem abnormal and maybe to some even wrong. Wrong for people to do it and wrong for the Guru to receive it.

However, that is why I talked about a Guru at the level of Babaji. Or Parmanand tirthji. Or Gorakhnath. When they go into Samadhi, the sense of body is lost and in that pure consciousness, all questions are answered. The sense of seeking God is lost. It is over. I cannot describe this state in public because the fake people will use it and lie about their experience. So the experience of samadhi has been designed in such a way…even if someone wanted to describe it, they cannot

Now, a person who is in that state, what difference does it make for that person, if you worship him or not? He does not care.

But for the disciple, it is very important to follow the ceremony. Why? A person who has experienced Samadhi is no ordinary person. During that day, Shakti blossoms like the full moon. It blossoms through the Guru. It is like a day when she has opened all her treasures, for anyone to take, just up for grabs. The only condition is humility and surrender to the perfected Guru. With Reverence. With love.

Not an ordinary or easy feat to achieve.

Lastly, this is not a ritual or a formality. The Guru, is greater than God. God cannot absolve karma. A Guru can. He can take the karmas on himself, and let the disciple not suffer. Shankar bhagwan, gets angry when the Guru is not respected. But a Guru will intercede and forgive the disciple..

This happened many times in the past. I have seen this happen too.

Kabir has a shloka,

Guru govind dono khade, kisko laago paye
Balihari Guru ki jinhone mohe Govind dikhaya

Guru and Krishna are both standing together. Who would you worship first? The answer is Guru, because he showed you Krishna.

The disciples of Shankaracharya, were at such a high level, they would not bow to anyone except their Guru. No matter who appeared in front of them – it could be Ram or Krishna. Or any great saint. It did not matter.

Truth is such a Guru is hard to find.

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