Why does Yoga fail for almost everyone?

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The basis of Yoga is Yama and Niyama. There are 4 pillars that are a must (besides yama and niyama)

  1. Shat Sampatti (6 wealths)Shama – ability to keep the mind calm
    1. Dama – ability to control senses
    2. Titiksha – silently enduring all hardships without being impatient
    3. Uparati – Ability to focus within and above, without collapsing to lower levels
    4. Shraddha – Full faith in ones Guru – no matter what
    5. Samadhana – not going into the relentless dialogue the mind presents,
  2. Viveka – ability to realize the transient nature of the world and not getting attached to it and knowing that God / self / consciousness is the only truth.
  3. Vairagya -Not getting pulled into the world. The force of Maya is powerful and pulls you outward constantly
  4. Mumukshatva – Truly wanting God / Self/ Consciousness and not willing to settle for anything less

Without all of these things one cannot be liberated. However one can start the journey with anyone of them extremely firmly and the rest will come slowly. That part of the journey, while you are perfecting these attributes will be difficult and trying. One must persevere. Without that perseverance, the journy will end prematurely

These things must be practiced relentlessly, even outside of meditation.

These attributes I have presented above, are inter connected. Hence getting one perfect, others get perfected automaticaly or on the way to getting one perfect, the support of the other things is needed.

For example – lets say someone does you wrong. It bothers you, does it not? How do you get rid of that pain? We tend to use logic saying this is life, this happens or have spiteful thoughts and actions. Yoga tells us to deal with it differently

First you try to not get pulled into all those thoughts. How? First remember that the world is transient and the pains are not long lasting and refuse to be pulled out into the world (Vivek and Vairagya).

Along with that you attempt to keep the mind calm (Shama) having faith (shraddha) that God will only give you things that will help your path of going to God (Mumukshatva).

You endure the pain of someone doing you wrong (titiksha) and refuses to go into the wavering thoughts of this is bad and this is good or this is right or wrong ( Samadhana)

In order to remain stable in this process, keep your attention at Agna chakra (between eyebrows) and use Lion Mudra as needed. (Uparati)

Not having excessive sex, food, music etc is needed to keep the mind stable (too much carb, caffeine activitity makes it difficult) (dama)

Hope this makes sense.

These things when done well, makes it easier for the shakti to ascend upwards from Manipur chakra (umbilicus) to Sahastrar

As you get more and more established in the self you go through stages of Tapasvin, Muni, Gyani, Raj yogi etc


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