The problem with the masses

The average IQ of a nation varies. Singapore has IQ of 109 average
USA 98

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Why is this interesting? Just an observation stupidity abounds

So what does this have to do with spirituality?

Ego plus lack of intelligence makes rumors and false information spread like wild fire. There are a few what’s app group I belong to. I find that there is more intelligent discussion in the high school group that stupid statements coming from my medical college group at times. Even medical information is wrong !

The point is this. Stupidity common

And this is how cults and religious leaders become popular and wealthy. Did I say wealthy? I mean a lot of money.

Shiv Baba 6 million dollars
Morari Bapu 76 million dollars
Jaggi Vasudev 16 million dollars
Asaram Bapu 46 million dollars
Ravi Shankar 140 million dollars
Ramdev 223 million dollars

I have to stop. I am getting depressed Kidding
Maybe I should go become a Guru. There are lots of idiots willing to donate millions of dollars rupee pounds and euros

Truth is that money is so tainted you never want to ever dream of having it. The fools don’t know how many painful births are too follow them

The point is this – many will foolishly follow. They will make up stories of miracles and Blessings and those things get promoted and now they can make more money. And those with a lesser IQ believe these lies.

Concept of spirituality can be sold
But those who have true spirituality, you can give them heavens and earth’s and they care not.

Where do you think God lies? Who is the true saint?

The rich Gurus out there? Don’t be an idiot and contribute to their wealth Or even bother reading

Find a true yogi

If you find one, let me know. I am looking too.

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