The heart

The heart has been talked about in the Bible and other scriptures

What is that heart? There are 3

  1. the physical heart!
  2. emotional heart. That which makes you believe in love and you foolishly say I love you. Miss you etc
  3. the true heart

Where is the true heart?

It is in the right side of the chest

Gyaneshwar Maharashtra talked about it also.

ThiMaharshi: You cannot know it (Heart) with
your mind. Pointing to the right side of the
chest, Maharshi continued. You cannot realize
it by imagination when | tell you here is the
centre . The only direct way to realize it is to
cease to fantasize, and try to be yourself.
When you realize it, you automatically feel
that the centre is there. This is the centre, the
Heart, spoken of in the scriptures as _ hrit-
guha- arul [Grace in the cave of the Heart],

ullam [‘that which is’, the Heart].s is what Ramana Maharshi said

So this is the heart – true heart in the right side of chest. That has 8 leaves of the lotus.
In Saundarya Lahiri Vishnutirthji maharaj describes it in great detail. Hansa and hansini. Shiv and Parvati

Now you know

Don’t get misled

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