Be thou a yogi

One of the few words that reverberate in my mind is from Gita
Krishna Bhagwan tells Arjun be thou a yogi

Now I would like to ask you to set aside all your fancy concepts of yoga. And all the adjuvant words with yoga. Those extra words confuse you
“ oh I am doing Bhakti yoga”
“ I am doing karma yoga”
“Gyana yoga – wisdom”
And with each of them – and very foolishly everyone has their own idiot concept what each is
Bhakti yoga – chanting Gods name etc
Karma yoga- everything they do, they Think they are a warrior fighting bad peoples Etc when in reality it us just anger
Gyana yoga – so wise knowledgeable. Understand books throws in fancy Sanskrit words and recites paragraph from scriptures

Once you reach there, all distinctions of yoga drop of. They are exactly the same. As long as you frown on this concept, reject it, you have not reached there

That’s why Krishna Bhagwan said – be thou a yogi.

But what is a yogi ? Someone who sits in Samadhi? Has a long beard ( oops not sure about women 😁) , long matted hair, and saint like clothes? Or walks around with a smile, a wise look and raising his hands in blessings to everyone?

Do you see how we get locked into concepts?

So what are the signs you are a yogi?
Only you will know it. Because outwardly you will act differently.

  1. Fear subsides
  2. Power.
    We know of Various miracles done by Neem karoli Baba or babaji, etc. Now those powers take a long time to emerge. But they can. However once in Samadhi, in varying stages , you should have proof you were there. You must have varying degrees of power that emerges – helping others with a thought, healing others, changing outcomes etc. Very minor things
    That’s why people in ancient india would throng around Yogis. And the Yogis would bless them. Of course such people are rare. But they exist. I have seen them
    Now think of them. They heal and help others but you will never know it – isn’t that perfect karma yoga? They remain immersed in the divine state – isn’t that Bhakti? And they know every detail about the divine- isn’t that gyana ?

So stop the nonsense. Be a yogi. Get there. Don’t be foolish. Chant shivohum or aham brahmasmi etc , take a nice nap, see a few sparks of light and call yourself a yogi. Foolish imagination Cannot being out there spiritual powers of samadhi or being established there ! Be a true yogi.

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