Did I reach Atman ?

Soul, mind, body, brain, senses, the world, the cosmos—all are creations of Spirit. The wise man, not conceiving himself as the architect of anything (not even his own destiny), does not laugh or cry or disturb himself with the ups and downs of dualities. An egotist is never satisfied, be he rich, poor, a clerk, or king of the world. A divine man is happy, whether in a palace, or a poor hut, or a monk’s cell.

  • Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda..
    God Talks With Arjuna, The Bhagavad Gita — Chapter-3, Page no 392.

The word spirit refers to Atman. Soul comes from Atman. But it is not Atman
Once, if only once you have experienced it – your perspective changes. Things that seemed very important no longer have the same importance.

Often times we decisive ourselves. We like to think we are not possessed by material desires. But the moment there is a small dent in our car we get upset.
And we know how vulnerable we are

Those kind of things change. Without effort. It all changes. And then you know you have begun to touch the Atman.

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