Is God real or just a vivid imagination?

Here Yogananda tells us about talking with God

Practising the Presence of God

       God is approachable. Talking of Him and listening to His words in the scriptures, thinking of Him, feeling His presence in meditation, you will see that gradually the Unreal becomes real, and this world which you think is real will be seen as unreal. There is no joy like that realization. 

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
“Man’s Eternal Quest”

So if you constantly think of God or think of a person , we may dream of that person. Or even imagine the person is present near us

We have heard of cases where evil or conniving people have lied or wrongly imagined God presence and then led people ashtray to a miserable death or life
For example Jim Jones, Manson, Kuresh

So many naysayers or doubters will question what Yogananda said. Maybe rightfully so

Maybe my blogs fall in the same category.

How do you know that your conversation with God is
1). Just your mind idly bickering??
2) a vivid hallucination from mental disorder or manipulative behavior
3) Just self hypnosis of some sort
4) The real thing?

Let’s face it. It could be any !

Well there are clues. If you ask someone who has true experience, they can warn you how to safe guard against mental imagination, signs of true experience ( there are a few ) and what to do next

But one thing is for sure , those with true experience, withdraw from the world, don’t seek disciples and will try for deeper progress

Take your pick. But Purity is needed

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