In lay terms – let’s create our palace !

How did Babaji create a palace?
Well in lay terms for common people to understand, This is how he did it!

By Yogananda

On a grand scale, Mahavatar Babaji created a golden palace to fulfill a long-forgotten desire of Lahiri Mahasaya-an event I have recorded in Autobiography of a Yogi. The “miracle” was explained thus: “There is nothing inexplicable about this materialization. The whole cosmos is a projected thought of the Creator. The heavy clod of the earth, floating in space, is a dream of God’s. He made all things out of His mind, even as man in his dream consciousness reproduces and vivifies a creation with its creatures…In tune with the infinite all accomplishing Will, Babaji is able to command the elemental atoms to combine and manifest themselves in any form. This golden palace, instantaneously brought into being, is real-in the same sense that the earth is real. Babaji created this beautiful mansion out of his mind and is holding its atoms together by the power of his will, even as God’s thoughts created the earth and His will maintains it.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
7 :19, God talks with Arjuna

Now that you know the secret what will you create? :) 😁

The truth is you can’t do anything ! Please grasp that. Very very few people are at the level of Babaji Or Kabir

Paramhansa Yogananda uses the word mind. The truth is God does not have a mind. It is just a word used because that is the only word you can understand
I am sure when we know the truth and we will laugh at our own stupidity

Lalitha – is far above all this. Her beauty can’t be described!
Shankaracharya praised her profusely in Saundarya Lahiri.

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