We read these great biographies and autobiographies. And we see how wonderful the Guru and the amazing gifts that the disciple got. What we dont see or understand, the tests the Guru had with his disciples.
A guru simply will not accept a disciple without appropriate tests. The tests can be vicious and unforgiving. The harder the trials imposed on the disciple, the more the awakening he or she is likely to retain and progress

Sadly, the modern day disciples are extremely weak. Beyond imagination weak. I have seen many such examples of weakness

  1. The disciple gets angry or upset with the Guru
  2. The disciple has expectations the Guru must conform to the wishes and norms imposed on the Guru by the disciples imagination
  3. The disciple ceases to stay in communication
  4. The disciple fails to understand the greatness of the Guru and can only see the flaws (the flaws are not real…they merely pretend)

Of course the list is quite long and you can read about them in Mahayoga vigyan. After you read the list, you will say, you are not ready for a Guru and wont be ready for a Guru for a very long time

It is very difficult to recognize a guru….The only hallmark of a Guru that he will show, is an explanation of the scriptures with amazing clarity and can talk about things not written in any books ever

Yes some Gurus freely display powers, but they do that…because they know there are no disciples ready to progress, so they will surround themselves with people who can slowly reconnect with God. Neem Karoli Baba, did not really have any disciples. Just Bhaktas. The people left behind now, are not ready for the higher experiences. This of course could be my interpretation and could be totally wrong. My apologies, in advance, for offending anyone, since it may reflect my weakness and not theirs. I am very biased by the experiences that I have seen with Yogananda lineage, Vishnutirthji Maharaj, My lineage etc

Some Gurus have remained hidden all throughout their life. They know ahead of time that the disciple will not pass beyond the first grade so they make no attempt to enroll them.

Gangadhartirthji Maharaj, waited all his life for 1 disciple. He found one, at the age of 90. He realized that the disciple was married and sent him home. He prevented awakening till the disciple discharged his responsibility for 20 years. His name was Kali Kishore and he spent 20 years in poverty and difficulties. His Guru had already departed

At the end of 20 years, – what a long trial and testing period – with poverty to the extreme – his shakti finally awakened and finished his journey in a few months. His name was Narayantirthji Maharaj. He usually meditated in the open skies, often sitting on a stone for hours, hardly spoke but was very compassionate. One of his foremost disciple was Yogendra Vigyanai, a wonderful character, always smiling and had all the powers you can imagine. He still appears every so often in this world.

Vivekananda often met Pav ahari baba. He would ask Pav ahari baba a question and Pav Ahari baba would laugh it off. But Vivkenanda would continue to remain in his presence, from love and respect and
Enough said. The testing of a Guru or any saint is often difficult.

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