God Patanjali wrote about yoga. He gave the world the fastest way to liberation. It can be as fast as 3 years.
However , for that you need to understand and implement exactly what he said
Having said that, those ego can explain it – there is maybe one person right now.
Since most readers are seeking information but not God, and they read multiple sources, I suggest they look elsewhere

This is not the perfect fit or match for then. Why hasten and depart this world early. Go and enjoy.
I prefer to enjoy from within.

Anyway , I called Patanjali as God. He gave the world the super fast way. There are many blogs on his aphorism. May I suggest the reader use their intelligence and the intellect of others ? My path is that of direct perception. You can try to describe a table like we do in dumb charades etc. or you can just show it. Intelligence is like describing it. Perception is just seeing it

Patanjali Bhagwan wrote yoga sutras. In chapter 2 he described kleshas

Sutra 2.3: avidyā-asmitā-rāga-dveṣa-abhiniveśā kleśa

Yogannda gave a detailed explanation of it in God talks with Arjuna

Avidya – the veil of ignorance of not knowing self as divine self. As a result you suffer and seek knowledge / information from many. There are 7 steps to its removal

Asmita – the false ego and fight you give when someone tells you, you are already free and the divine. The fight and debate when Jesus said my father and I are one.

Raga – attachment. This is to objects , people and your information , to ego and vanity etc

Dvesha – aversion like Yogananda said. We don’t like adverse circumstances. We dislike people who are adversarial. We avoid them. Shun them. How many times have you groaned when you see a phone call from xyz?

Abhinivesha – clinging. We cling to our body, false concepts, we are afraid to let go of money, our desire for food, sex etc. If God came and gave you liberation and said , you will now never desire sex or food or want to see nature , talk with people etc – you will never want it or get it – but continue to live would you accept? Your mind would hesitate ! That is the point. We are unwilling to let go

Maya or delusion has created a perfect trap !

Those are the 5 traps or klesha. Are they abstract concepts – the intellectual call them abstract. A yogi sees those forces and gets liberated. Anyone want to open their eyes?

The answer is no. Let me prove it to you. Look at the foolishness people have. And this will explain why Neem Karoli baba had no disciples. We sing Hanuman chalisa. Before singing the actual chalisa there is a shloka that says

Harhu klesh Vikar

Harhu destroy
Klesh – as described above
Vikas – fault / flaw

It does not matter whether you know Hindi, Gujarati or this ancient dialect. The problem was no one prayed to Neem Karoli to get rid of klesha. If only, if only we had, while he was in physical body – :). You get the picture

The entire Hanuman Chalisa is full of yoga secrets. One has to learn them slowly. I can’t teach anyone. You can only take the horse to the water
No one wants to drink. They want information
Go elsewhere

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