Karma – Shaivism way

Everyone has their own definition. And they use their own logic and add prepositions etc

According to Babaji and Yogananda, true karma or satkarma ( pure or good karma ) is ONLY THE KARMA THAT LEADS TO SELF REALISATION! ( refGod talks with Arjuna)
Everything else is akarma ( wrong karma )

Your efforts to eat, read, enjoy life, talking, work etc. fall in the category of akarma

Why? Shocked ?
The answwr is simple.! Compared to the reality of self , this entire existence of ours is a dream. Once you wake up, I mean truly truly wake up, go in Samadhi, destroy your seeds of ignorance and Maya, the seeds that make you forget you are pure consciousness – then you will laugh. Truly laugh ! This whole existence was a dream. What difference did it make if I enjoyed food or starved! If I became famous or was unknown! If I was rich or poor! It was all a dream. I am pure consciousness. This is what advaita starting point is. This is a simple starting point to understand Nirvana shatakam. Chidananda roopa shivohun shivohum. This is Shaivism ! Shankaracharya brought this back to us!

So all efforts in a dream have no bearing on reality. Worthless! But the effort to wake up are very meaningful. and that is true karma !

The Problem is everyone has a different concept of how to wake up! In the dream they want to chant, dance, recite shloka , pray to an idol and think they will wake up! My concept is someone who is awake can just gently shake you, your Consciousness starts you leave the dream, and you open your eyes ! That is fastest and safest! An see wake Guru, you leave the dream and it’s done! Isn’t that the best? What was the use of chanting or dancing or idol worship. That effort of yours to leave the dream and go to reality is best!

There is a lot more to the analogy but some other time

The choice in life is simple, continue the dream or wake up

1.) Those who are not devoted to a single Guru cannot wake up. Why ? It is like trying to bake a cookie following 100 recipes. Many people are lost, using false logic that you can freely read from many liberated people. You cannot ! Each liberated person had a different representation! If you want to follow Ramana maharishi, you need him. His books are not awake! If you want to follow Yogananda, you need him, his books cannot give you the power to open his eyes! And so on. Moreover the statements they make , sometimes it is too specific for a person or occasion. Plus you need an awakened Shakti to leave the dream!

  1. Sone people are extremely foolish. They ask me if I have experienced it or know about Samadhi etc. That question cannot be answered! If the person says yes, he could be lying. How can that information help you achieve God? I have no desire that anyone read my blogs or talk with me or respect me or learn from me. That is your decision entirely. If your questions are limited to knowing who had Samadhi, go find another beggar in this world who wants money, riches, fame, respect. Or find another charlatan with a list of miracles
  2. Awakened people do not fall for flattery. Nor do they want a disciple. Not even one. That burden of wanting to be awake is on the disciple. The moment a disciple shows signs of clinging to the dream, the Guru cannot give Shakti. If he does Shakti frowns on the initiate and leaves instantly. I have seen a handful of people who lost their Shakti! So first be prepared perfectly
  3. One of my favorite bhajan is by Anwar. He sang , gulam unka kahata have – ગુલામ ઊંકા kahaata જા Be a slave to that enlightened person. The human ego will refuse that attitude. But Miralepa – became free in one life, by becoming a slave to an enlightened Guru with an extremely vicious attitude. His tests were as bad as the tests Harischandra, Gora Kumbhar etc ref https://www.hindujagruti.org/hinduism-for-kids/335.html
    The point is you will not know who is enlightened and the enlightened will not tell you If you are very fortunate, very sincere in waking up, then you will instinctively know this person is enlightened. What he says is true. And then the Guru will test you for a few years or a few decades. If you pass the test, then you get liberated almost instantly ( a few years) Otherwise Shakti is not interested in a billions of people who want to stay in the dreams of the world, enjoying the pleasures, the riches the fame. Like Vivekananda said, let the brutes of the world enjoy the world! He called them brutes and Bharthruhari called such sensual pleasures animalistic – મનુષ્ય રૂપેણ મૃગા ચરાંતી. Sorry. Could not type it properly. How can advaita be there for those who love pleasures of the world! Go enjoy reading your books, your internet, your WhatsApp, movies and restaurants I want to be left alone!
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