In Gita there is a shloka that says to an enlightened person gold and rock are the same and sees friends and foe alike

This is in chapter 14. Verse 24-25 ?

But even these enlightened people need food and need some money for daily sustenance. They live in society or interact with society.

As a result, even though all is God their behavior may seem not consistent with those words.

This is what Yogananda said

The ordinary man, watching the drama of good and bad humar beings playing on the space-screen of the world, is affected pleasurably and painfully. But the man who has perceived God looks upon all types of men as dream motion-picture images, made of the relativities of the light of Cosmic Consciousness and the shadows of delusion.

       The exalted yogi, however, does not treat gold and earth, saint and sinner, with impartial indifference! He wisely recognizes their dramatic differences on the mundane plane as perceived by other material beings. Even though all beings and objects in the cosmos are made of the divine light and the shadows of delusion, the yogi recognizes relative values. He endorses the activities of the virtuous who serve as harbingers of good to their fellowmen, and he denounces the activities of the evil who harm themselves and others. 

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
6 : 9, God talks with Arjuna

What it means is that God does not tell us to be foolish in our behavior. If all is God you still don’t sit down in a cage with a hungry tiger for mediation. You will go for meditation in a place with positive vibration.

So all of religion has to be applied practically.

This creates problems and makes it more difficult to recognize a yogi. His internal status is very different than that of ordinary people. Although actions may seem the same in some situations

If a Guru has a few disciples, it may seem he is playing favorite to a disciple. This of course is not true. He grants an equal opportunity. Yet, one disciple is more interested in building his business and the other is more interested in meditation, it may seem one disciple got more attention

What is the reason for writing all this? It is difficult to recognize a yogi. Babaji himself has no needs but the immediate disciple around him need food. How do they get their meal?

So some body related issues yogi are granted exceptions. But if someone verbally abuses them or praises them they remain indifferent. Just like krishna and sishupal

This blog was written just so you can ponder on some reality issues

Bottom line

  1. indifference is more of tamas
  2. unaffected is sign of yogi
  3. knowing a pious disciple snd helping is a yogi
    4). knowing a pious disciple but not helping is tamas. instead a fake guru helps only those with money

So even though all maybe the same , the divine light is not stupid. Or foolish. Those who do wrong are given appropriate results. One should not try to hide or think God or divine will not know or forgive. A Guru is higher than God and often forgives even when God does not forgive

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