Is material happiness equal to spiritual progress?

Of course not

But yet most people – when they get material happiness they feel more secure. Feel powerful. And they feel just happy.

This they equate to blessings from the fake Guru, or doing karma yoga or worship or tirth or mala

And that dream is eventually shattered and they reevaluate their situation

A person on the path of yoga – is never given material happiness or sustained happiness

If he or she gets happiness they will not be able to progress spiritually. So one thing shakti does, he favors the disciple by not giving happiness. Yes they get spiritual joy in mediation. And the material dismay leads them to more within and less Outside.

Sadly the human mind can only progress this way

This is what Yogananda said

They are dupes of delusion who are lulled into spiritual complacency by the false security imparted by material wealth. Such persons are unwilling to learn from the millions who have laboured hard in the world for the rewards of possessions and prosperity, perhaps accumulating vast fortunes, only to find that affluence has made no signiticant deposits in the coffers of inner peace and joy. How foolish it is to store up treasures for the fleeting body, which at any moment can be taken away by death; it is wise to give one’s primary effort to acquiring soul riches of lasting bliss, wisdom, and divine qualities through daily meditation and service to others, for this is an imperishable wealth from which one is never parted.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
1084, The second coming of Christ.

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