How much spiritual knowledge is there?

You can add all the books from all religions together and it will not even be .1%

A Guru of course has it all – 100%. Yet people insist on reading books and texts

What true knowledge is – it starts after you go into Samadhi. Not before

Anything external will only guide you to a Guru – after you realize you can’t reach on your own. Secondly , you have humility and surrender to Guru. Third your interest is genuine.

Until then a Guru even if he is right next to you will be of no benefit.

I have seen many disciples – of my lineage fall. They repeatedly had Samadhi. But yet in ego and desire for fame have fallen. Now for many many births there is no hope for them. Karma decisive hand will lead them to unfortunate rebirths

Wanting money or taking money donated to Guru is one of the greatest bad karma. Similarly taking information and labeling it as your wisdom is bad karma – equivalent to taking someone life.

What is it that you want in life that is worth hundreds of births in painful poverty? Think about it !

The knowledge within is so so vast – people spend thousands of years in Samadhi and say oh there is so much more!

And yet instead of going to the feet of such people our mind constantly looks to

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