Is earth hell?

But we do like it
And we like coming back again
And our mind seeks pleasure here

Yet we must not forget the misery here. It is enough to have made everyone adult cry. One point of time or another. And I suspect a majority of people have at one point or the other become suicidal. A fleeting thought of sustained. But must not yield to those thoughts. The body – has to bear out its karma. If you seemingly cut it short, the next time you have a body there is a penalty to be Paid. A big one. That’s why scriptures are against it.

When all is seemingly lost , pray deeper. Find a friend. Medications. Mantra. Read books. A mantra. Anything. Or everything. Ask an astrologer when times will change. It will change

Eventually those who hurt you will pay the price. Corollary don’t hurt anyone. Love all

This is what Yogananda said

The material world is spoken of in the scriptures of East and West as “darkness” because therein the effulgent Spirit-essence of all things is obscured. By deep meditation, the devotee gains the divine perception of his spiritual eye at the Christ Consciousness centre in the forehead; in the light of that “single eye” the darkness of delusion is dispelled. He walks in a world that is no longer an environment of gross matter, but a wondrous structure of luminous cosmic energy and intelligence.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
982, The second coming of Christ.

The point he tries to make is you can see The world differently. But first learn to find God within. And then slowly you will discover God outside. In the smiles. In the tears. In the sky. In the mud. In human. In animals in flowers. And in thorns.

Learn the secret.
My prayers for all those who are lost. Hope you find understanding. And the desire to go within. Try incessantly till he answers

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