How did Babaji build a palace?

There is a constant war. Mind and external circumstances. External situations try to constantly upset the Apple cart of peace. It does it by giving you good things and bad times.
One must keep the mind at peace. Both with good and bad events. When this can be done, the mind has victory over the external world. Now this is not so easy.
And there are many many layers to it. But when all layers are conquered there external world becomes obedient to your wishes.

But start slow. And in simple things. Eventually you will get greater hardship and you can learn tranquility in more and more challenging situations

The harder the situation, the greater the tranquility the greater the progress.

Now who wants all that? It comes with facing hardships too

This is what paramhansa Yogananda said


According to spiritual science,the attitude of the mind is everything. It is sensible to conquer extreme heat by the use of artificially cooled air, and extreme cold by artificially produced warmth; but while trying to conquer the discomfort externally, train the mind to remind neutral to every condition. Mind is just like blotting paper, which readily takes on the colour of any dye you apply to it.Most minds take on the colour of their environment. But there is no excuse for the mind to be defeated by outer circumstances. If your mental attitude changes constantly under the pressure of tests,you are losing the battle of life.

–Sri Paramahansa Yogananda
Page 389
The Divine Romance

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