When will I get results?

No one can say! She knows. Shree Lalitha.
However how and when is kept a big secret. When on the verge of I liberation your Guru can tell you. But before that, it depends on your effort and endurance. Since it is a personal choice, and God does not interfere with personal choices – there is some uncertainty

Depending on what category soul progress you have made there is some certainty

Now I have to confess this is merely an inference on my part. I do not have the vision to see the future of my self, let alone others. Having said that , based on what the great saints have said to others, a rare soul has certainly of liberation in 2-3 births. Most even after having a perfect Guru will take a longer provided they continue with full faith and work hard

This is what Yogananda said about effort and peace

Although you can accomplish great accomplishments in the world, you will never know joy equal to that arising from meditation when thoughts are silent and mind tuned to the peace of God. (…)
Meditation wide open all the closed doors of your body, mind and soul, to let God’s momentum in. Your whole body and your whole being transforms when you practice meditation regularly. Contact with God brings inner harmony to your life as you dive into His peace. But you need to meditate pertinent, consistent and continuously to fully understand the rewarding effects of this Supreme Force.

— Paramahansa Yogananda
Book: Inner Peace
(How to be calmly active and actively calm)

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