St. Paul died daily

And that is the goal of yoga
This is not really death
But totally forgetting the body consciousness and to soar in the skies of freedom as pure consciousness

Some may consider that as an end point. But for a true yogi it is only the starting point

This is what Yogananda said

Why not learn how to”die daily”.
Whether a man is born in India or in America,he someday has to die. Why not learn how to”die daily”in God, like St.Paul ?Yoga teaches the method. Man lives in body as a prisoner; when his tearm is over, he suffers the indignity of being thrown out. Love the body is there for nothing more than love of jail. Long accustomed to living in the body,we have forgotten what real freedom means. Being a Westerner is no excuse for not seeking freedom. It is vital to every man that he discover his soul and know his immortal nature. Yoga shaws the way…
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Man’s Eternal Quest… Page–17

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