God knows everything!

God, who is Omnipresent and omniscient, knows all things good and bad that quietly come and go in human minds and secret acts. There is nothing that can be hidden from Him; for even when a man takes with him to the grave long-held secrets, they are openly read by the all-seeing God. He who is the Mind of all minds and the Life of all the cosmos, knows everything that arises and dies in human consciousness, and in each tremor that happens in nature and in every speck of His empyrean universe.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
1078, The second coming of Christ.

Now this is where we make a mistake. One you blindly accept it. Think of some super natural power or ability.

Or you wonder how it is possible. Is there a brain like this. How can it be done
Or you say bah! Humbug

The error is in all 3. You should not blindly accept it. After all how is it that he knows every sand,in all universes, every thought, every emotion, every action and never forgets and for all time
What it means is that he is so subtle that all our efforts to comprehend will fail. But you can do something. And it is something lovely. Go so deep in mediation and see what and how it occurs. And you have an aha moment ! And you marvel the divine shakti that made it possible Saying it is humbug is disrespecting the powers of God

Yet, yet, in all our daily dealings we don’t see the powers or miracles. Why? Because he has his own ways. Just as he knows everything he has his own way doing things so subtly that we don’t realize it was a miracle. When you reach that stage you will then understand why and how a true Guru functions. Maybe. He does not give lectures or have a million disciples. He has no need for your money or praise. We can offer him nothing. Yet he can give us all. such Gurus have only one or two disciples.

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