Ashesh Dhar passed away

53 years old , head of Tata EV section passes away.

Many achievements. Which of those achievements or meetings helped him at the time of death?

Such is life. In a second it can go away

What will help you in the last moments? The number of people who praised you? The number of times you got to brag about your knowledge? Or achievements?

What will help you? Perhaps memories of love for God , genuine love can be of help. Perhaps that smile you put on someone face will flash back on you. Or maybe the effort you made to give up earthly desires and seek God. One thing is certain. Your earthly achievements carry no weight.

When I go, I will go. I care not for the weight anyone ever think of me Into oblivion – where no one knows My regret is the blogs I wrote. It leaves a scent of the world yonder. Smell it and go but memory of me should fade.

Ego is your enemy. It creeps in with every breath. Be wary of it – a terrible weight It crushes lungs limbs and heart. Think of God and give your heart. How insignificant is thy existence. Millions of years – the earth has lived. Name one person you know from 10,000 years ago.

In time your name and body will go to dust. And perchance if someone remembers it – they will care not of your existence

What does Yogananda say ?

Jesus then reminded his disciples: “The greatest among you is he who is humblest and the most serviceful.” This is the truest testimony of attunement with God. “Whosoever shall exaggerate the merit of his ego in order to attract peoples praise and favour will instead be found out and draw to himself criticism and deprecation, and will be abased in the eyes of God. He who is truly great, but cloaks himself in a natural humilty, will be exalted before others and in the approbation of God.”

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
1070, The second coming of Christ.

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