Hardship with no solution

Sadly humans need hardship with no solution to make progress. Why? We are Very comfortable with the world and always think we can work with it and find a solution with our ability and intelligence. Such is human ego

Hence some hardships are a springboard to progress

This is what Yogananda said

Our endeavor must not only to acquire financial security and good health, but to seek out the meaning of life. What is it all about ? When we are hit with difficulties we react upon environment first, making whatever material adjustment we believe may help. But when we come to the point of saying, “Everything I have tried so far has failed, what to do next ? ” We start to think hard about solution. When we think deeply enough,we find an answer within. This is one form of answered prayer…
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Man’s Eternal Quest… Page 33

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