When you reflect that this world is filled
with death, and that your body, too, has
to be relinquished, God’s plan seems very
cruel. You can’t imagine that He is merciful.
But when you look at the process of death
with the eye of wisdom, you see that after
all it is merely a thought of God passing
through a nightmare of change into blissful
freedom in Him again. Saint and sinner
alike are given freedom at death, to a
greater or lesser degree according to merit.
In the Lord’s dream astral world – the land
to which souls go at death – they enjoy a
freedom such as they never knew during
their earthly life. So don’t pity the person
who is passing through the delusion of
death, for in a little while he will be free.
Once he gets out of that delusion, he
sees that death was not so bad after
all. He realises his mortality was only
a dream and rejoices that now no fire
can burn him, no water can drown
him; he is free and safe.

Paramahansa Yogananda
[The Divine Romance]

Now this kind of Rosy picture is not for all. It is for those with good karma. For those who did bad karma, the same evil thoughts materialize in the other world inflicting the same kind of anguish you wished on others

I read somewhere in a book a detailed description of the process of transition to the other world. Knowing that, one becomes cautious in ones thoughts and actions.

The scriptural injunctions are not just for this world but also a guide to have a smoother transition to the other world. Few pay heed to it though. Most people want To conveniently forget that not all are destined for heaven

Where will you go? Just examine your own thoughts. If your thoughts are materially inclined and you have anger or hatred the effect of that karma has to be borne out.

Ego leads to selfish behavior. Selfish behavior reinforces ego. Get rid of one the other changes.

One must make every effort to move upwards and not go downwards

Saying you do yoga or kriya is not Enough. Neither is it sufficient to do kriya without relinquishing desire Purity in thoughts is very important

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