When will God appear from the clouds or incarnate?

We read often that God will come and punish evil. Destroy it. And there will be peace and happiness.
Krishna Bhagwan came. Destroyed evil. But yet at the end of his presence on earth – kaliyuga started

It means only one thing. We have not understood what God said and meant

The true interpretations are only found at the feet of the enlightened. Try as you might , you can’t grasp it. Logic can’t take you there

This is what Yogananda said

Is a God Dictator?

         Down through the ages, in fiery speeches prophets have warned that God Himself will come out of the clouds to destroy the wicked. But God has never done that. When people are evil-when they break His divine laws-they set in motion the cosmic forces that produce the inevitable consequences of their wrong actions; thus they punish themselves. I don't think God Himself has ever come down to chastise anyone. If that were His way, He would be punishing wrongdoers right now, for He knows who is right and who is wrong in this terrible war that is going.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
Journey to Self-Realization

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