Sincere friendship


   When you love God, you can truly love others. Your perception of souls is pure-like a crystal-clear mirror. Whoever comes before you will be reflected there as he really is.

       When you unconditionally love your friends, you will see that divine friendship in them. In my earthly father, and in so many souls on this path, I found that kind of friendship. When we develop friendship with true souls, one day the Friend of all will come and reside in that mansion of friendship. And as you develop true divine friendship, one day you will love all as Christ was the friend of all. 

 Please pray with me: "O Lord, in the noble character of true friends is Thy wisdom. In their laughter is Thy great smile. In the twinkle in their eyes Thou art looking at me. In their voices Thou art speaking to me. And in their love Thou art loving me. Aum. Peace. Amen." 

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
JOURNEY to Self – Realization

Many times when we meet some people we find an instant connection. We cannot explain it. Yogananda said they are probably souls we have encountered in the past.

However there mathematics is daunting. For arguments sake let’s say we have say 1000 past lives. In each life you got or connected to a 100 people as family , friends, work colleagues.
You will not meet all your past acquaintances in the next birth. Some may be in heaven or hell or have gone to other lives not necessarily human. Maybe you encounter 10 of them again Overall ww can speculate 90,000 acquaintances.

But the true number could be a lot more. We are only interested in how to recognize them. There are a few ways

  1. instant connections
  2. look deep in their eyes. You may see signs of connection
  3. meditate deeper
  4. sometimes you know the connection when they leave you.

Anyway. One way to escape is by finishing karma with all of them. How? Love them back. No matter what they do. Simple ?

Not so easy. First connect with God and then forgiving becomes easier. Loving them becomes easier. No matter what their fault

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