Be careful what you read

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Most people are foolish. Let’s say , someone tells you that the Bhagwad Gita is wonderful and you should read it

Now for the first part, often times people hear word Gita and think it is bhagwad gita. But there are many other Gita. Ram Gita, avadhoot Gita, ashtavakra Gita etc

Now if you really get the Bhagwad Gita, which occurred on the battle field and Krishna tells Arjuna a divine dialogue – that is in Sanskrit. Most likely you can’t read it in Sanskrit. You will need a translation. Even if you read a translation, a lot of things won’t make sense. So you will need an exposition

Now for this Gita there are many exposition. Most of them are written by people with no true spiritual experience. But they are very popular. Some are available for free. And guess what, you will end up getting your hands on the inaccurate exposition. !

So instead of going in the right direction you end up Stuck in Maya. Like all religions everyone thinks their version is accurate. Some will even argue oh they are all accurate but just a different view of the infinite But that is not the case

Do you see how people get stuck and can’t escape?

Same is true for different ways to meditate.

And for religion. Each one thinks theirs is correct

My suggestion is as follows

  1. Find a Guru
  2. If you can’t find one, ask an enlightened person. He can explain all the different religions and tell you the true meaning. After all a whale never swallowed a person and the person never came out alive.
  3. The versions I find accurate in Gita are two – by Yogananda and by Gyaneshwar Maharaj. Gyaneshwar Maharaj exposed many signs of awakening and the true heart. He also talked about how one can reach there. Yogananda gave an interpretation that is the perfect way of Yoga How can it not be? Babaji helped Lahiri in Some key words.
  4. Don’t read books which are not from enlightened people. They will give you the wrong impression. One person will say krishna is highest, others will say ram and run with it. An advaita Vedantist, Santana dharma went beyond it and refused to call God by any name, or gender. They are the perfectly logical.
  5. Even those who follow Advaita go into controversies. Why? They have no experience
  6. Go for experience not understanding

Why do I say this? Translation is inaccurate. Even from Sanskrit scholars And on the path of advaita. Subtle letters change the whole meaning. They are difficult to spot in Sanskrit

For example

ચિતી – divinity

ચિત calm heart

ચિત્ત emotions

They all mean something very different. Over the centuries subtle errors entered. An enlightened person corrects it But again errors enters.

That’s why , ask someone. Don’t jump to wrong conclusions

Another example

In Gita krishna talks about Karma. Everyone thinks karma refers to action of the body. Babaji corrected everyone and he said true karma is reversal of life forces, the pran or qi towards God That is the only true Karma. Rest carry no merit. Yet people run with something convenient In the Bible they say repent and your sins will be wiped. Repent here means turning prana or Qi to God and away from senses and your sins are pardoned

Third example

Vigyan Bhairav shloka 33

It says

Idrashen kramanaiv yatra kutrapI Chintana

Shunye kungaye pare patre swayam lina var prada

Many Sanskrit scholars translate it as

In the same way, if you concentrate on anything emptiness or a wall or a worthy disciple you well merge and get grace

Or Course this translation is nonsense. You can’t reach Samadhi concentrating on a wall

Such inaccurate translations cause problems

My translation and interpretation is very different

In this way, in sequential steps, meditation on ( the seeds of the body ( your innate desires) , you will experience first the void, then wall ( which refers to maya) then the creator of maya ( the pare patre) and you will know yourself and merge within ( a divine grace)

If you know Sanskrit, then the words can be explained in a proper way. However this is how even scholars are misled

Enough said. What else can I say?

Like Vasistha Maharaj said, I repeatedly tell the world , at the top of my voice, this is the way, yet no one follows it ( here when he says follows, he means no one bothers to ask him how to get there)

Sad isn’t it.

History repeats self itself. A million times over !

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