Keeping a diary

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Some people have the habit of keeping a diary. A diary of their day to day stuff. Why? It is a lot of work. Requires a commitment. Does it help?

Well, depends on if you read it. And on how much you write in it.

But it requires that you have an honest, self critical , uncanny discerning ability to evaluate yourself.

What does this have to do with spirituality. Not much. Or maybe a lot!

  1. If you are honest about it, you will keep tract of all the wrong thoughts and emotions you had all day
  2. However, if you are truly spiritual and want to be spiritual, you will very quickly realize you dont give much time to God or spirituality. All day, our mind is still engrossed with matters of the body

Just think all our life, how many hours did we spend all for the body? You go to school and study. Deep down we do it…so we can grow up and make money.

We are eager to make more money, with most of the people wanting more money so they can make trips, save money for old age, have a great house, see shows, buy stuff etc. How many people really work hard to make more money to give to the poor or for a great cause? Very few

All for the body that will perish soon!

Yet, the soul will continue its journey. Going up and down the ladder , and very little was done for it.

What happens is that when you have rough times, the mind gets preoccupied with worres and strategies to end it

When you have great times, we are engrossed in trying to reach the next milestone in life, for fun and pleasures.

Both extremes, but no one is serious about God. The eagerness is short lived. Changing times, and the interest for God is gone. Quickly, Permanently for that life. Sad. I have seen this many times, people ask me questions and then quickly forget the path of God. Such intermittent pursuits for God is not sufficient to tide your way to God.

So keep a diary and you will quickly realize most of our time was spent for meals and fun things in life. Maybe a little for finding the truth of yourself.

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