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There are multiple stupid things that circulate on what’s app. I see it often. Most of the time I am unperturbed. This time since a friend I know who is intelligent circulated it , I thought I Would write about it. IT is unlikely he will read my blog

First about Jatayu

This character is from Ramayan. Ram ( God) upheld the words of his father and went to live in the Jungles. Shuparnakha saw Ram and fell in love with him. She was Ravana sister. Ram said he he already married but his brother Laxman could be interested. She went to see Laxman. He was enraged and cut her ears and nose. Her brother Ravana was upset. Knowing what was to come, Ram told his wife Sita to merge back to god but her shadow could remain. Ravana then went to kidnap the shadow Sita. He arranged a plot. He had his cohorts appear in the form of a Golden deer. Shadow Sita was enamored by the golden deer and insisted on getting it. Ram went to hunt the deer. He shot the deer but the deer being magical, shouted out in Ram voice “Laxman”. Sita insisted that Laxman go and investigate. Reluctantly Laxman left but protested the cottage with a magical line – a line that no demon could pass over. Ravana appeared as a Saint, begged for Alms. He insisted Sita pass over the line. Ravana immediately captured her and flew away with her

On the way he encounters Jatayu – an eagle. Yes he was an eagle. Jatayu tries to fight Ravana but he parishes

About Bhisma

Bhisma was the son of Ganga. He took a vow to protect Hastinapur. The ruler was Shantanu. When he married a second time – to Matsyagandha, she wanted her son to rule Hastinapur. So he took a vow , he will never marry or have sex. At that time he was renamed from Devdatta to Bhisma. ( meaning terrible or difficult vow to follow)

His mother was very pleased and gave him two boons – he will remain undefeated in all wars and he will only die when he wishes

For a while he ruled on behalf of the young child rulers and won many battles. Finally the grand son are old enough to rule. However there were two contending grand sons. Kauravas and Pandavas. They always taught with each other. Once the pandava while were ruling, lost a game of dice with the kauravas and Shakuni. The dice were doctored. As a result of the gamble, the pandavas lost their kingdom and their wife Draupadi. The kauravas ordered Drauadi to remove all her Royal garments in the court, she refused and Dushasana forced her to undress. He kept on pulling her garments but Lord Krishna made sure that she had enough layers of garments. Dushasana collapses. Anyway when this happened Bhisma was in the court and he did not help Draupadi.

Anyway after the war, Bhisma is mortally wounded by Arjun arrows. However he decides not to leave his body till January 14 and stays wound lying in a bed made by arrows finally before he departs he gives many pearls about being a ruler to Yudhisthir

Anyway, this is what is circulating on what’s app

One of the best, perhaps the best read, of late… Don’t miss to read, every perception is indeed wonderfully conceived.



No two people respond to the same situation in a similar way.

Here are examples of two legendary personalities who were faced with a very similar situation, but thier responses were poles apart.

This is a comparitive study between Bhisma and Jatayu.

Both of them, were confronted with character defining asssault situation on womanhood.

One chose to die protecting the victim while the other chose to be a mute spectator of the crime.


Bhisma was a powerful warrior and if he wanted, he could have stopped the disrobing of Draupadi – the Queen but he chose to be a silent witness of this act


Jatayu was old and invalid and knew that in all probability, Ravana would kill him but still, he chose to try his best to protect Sita – the Queen.

Bhisma was powerful yet acted powerless whereas, Jatayu was powerless yet acted powerful.


“Real power is not about physical strength but about the deep desire to help.”_


Bhisma lived on, but died everyday to his conscience


Jatayu died once but lived eternally true to his conscience. _

Our only constant companion is our concience – better to be true to it.”_


Bhisma’s name and fame went down in the history because of this one act of not stopping the disrobing of Draupadi but Jatayu’s name and fame went high in history because of his act of trying to save Sita. _

We are all going to be mere names in the history, sooner or later. Will we be equated with the bad or the good – is our choice.”_


Bhisma was supposed to be a highly cultured human but acted highly insensitive & stooped low in values like a vulture


Jatayu was supposed to be a lowly uncultured vulture but acted highly sensitive and soared the skies, in values, like an evolved human. Who would you call as a human – Bhisma or Jatayu? _

“One doesn’t become a human being by being born as a human – one becomes a human being by being a humane.”_


Draupadi begged and pleaded protection from Bhisma because she knew, if someone could protect her, it was only him but still Bhisma didn’t protect her


Sita didn’t even ask Jatayu for protection – she just wanted him to inform Rama about her kidnapping by Ravana because she knew Jatayu was not powerful but still…Jatayu tried to protect Sita.

Bhisma, even being a human couldn’t understand the spoken words of Draupadi what to speak of understanding her unspoken words,


Jatayu, even though being a mere bird, understood not only the spoken words of Sita but also her unspoken words.


“The language of heart is more powerful than the language of words.”__


Bhisma was so much confused about his Royal duty that he forgot his higher duty, a moral duty


Jatayu was so clear about his moral duty that no other duty was in consideration for him. _

When caught up in dilemmas, best is to follow the higher principles – to follow our heart because it always knows the truth.”



Bhisma set a very bad precedent for generations to come


Jatayu set the most ideal precedent for generations to come. _

“If we can’t be a great example atleast let us not be a bad one.”_


Another interesting point is that Bhisma was an elderly relative of Draupadi but acted as a total stranger in this episode.


Jatayu was not at all related to Sita, he was a stranger but acted more than a dearest relative. _

“True relationships is based on heartly connections not just bodily connections.”_


Both, Bhisma and Jatayu had a few moments to decide what to do. Life, sometimes puts in situations where in a few moments, we need to take crucial decisions.

What we decide very much depends on the kind of inner integrity, we have cultivated by the association we keep.

Bhisma’s intelligence was clouded and it failed the test of life because he was associated with the wicked minded, selfish Kauravas,


Jatayu’s intelligence was crystal clear and it passed the test of life because he associated himself with the saintly selfless Lakshman and the all-pure Lord Rama and dignity of women.

“After all, who we are solely depends on whom we associate with.”


The Supreme Lord as Sri Krishna was not at all happy with the attitude of Bhisma so much so that when He came as a peace messenger to Hastinapur, He didn’t even bother to look at Bhisma, what to speak of respecting him.


The Supreme Lord as Ramachandra was so happy & moved with the attitude of Jatayu that he embraced him and personally did his final rites – an honour that even Dasharath – His own father didn’t receive. _


The scriptures explain that the ultimate test of any activity is, if the Supreme Lord is pleased with us.__ .It is very clear, Bhisma displeased God whereas, Jatayu pleased Him.

This recount is not meant to criticize Bhisma– he is undoubtedly a great warrior and an amazing personality who sacrificed his personal desires for Hastinapur, but we do impartially critique his inaction.

The end here is to learn from the choices made, so that we are conscious that history follows us. _

When we see some injustice, some problem, we have only two options – either close your eyes to it or do something about it – follow “the Bhisma way” or “the Jatayu way”

And, whichever way we choose, remember there will be consequences of our choices…

~”the Bhisma result” or “the Jatayu result”._

Brilliant analysis !!

I could easily vote for this post as the Best One in the recent times, & fowarding it for all to introspect, review and keep sharing ahead….

Now the stupidity

  1. Jatayu was an eagle. Not a vulture
  2. Both stories are an allegory. Don’t pretend to be intelligent when you can’t see this and take the stories literally
  3. Jatayu – means jad aayu. Jad means inert and aayu means life. Thus it refers to the life of the body. The soul remains intact. Sita being abducted refers to Sita as peace is abducted or lost by Ravana – abhas chaitanya or the foolishness of assuming reality in this world and looking for happiness here. The human body and intelligence is incapable of fighting it. But surrender to God / Guru can help fight it !
  4. Bhishma here is abhas chaitanya. The power that makes us forget our divine self and get trapped in this world. That illusion can’t end unless we truly want it to end ( hence Bhisma can’t die unless he chooses it). Dushasana refers to anger. Du means difficult. And shasana means control. When anger takes control there is significant damage. Bhisma – there illusion that makes you forget your divine self remains indifferent to good and bad. It is bit affected nor is it destroyed unless it is mortally wounded by Arjuna. Arjuna is the power of meditation. ( the story of hitting the birds eye and not seeing anything else )

To compare the two and come up with pseudo intelligence like on what’s app should not be followed

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