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This is rather difficult, isn’t it? Every step of the way. We get confused. And lost. We ask for guidance and don’t even know if we can trust it.

Now in the path of spirituality, we are callous. We walk a path and then if we don’t like it we drop it and follow another path. The consequences of wrong steps ? All we think is a few years lost. But it is a lot more. The one opportunity to Go to Yoga and salvation is lost. But we are not bothered

On the other hand, if you make a wing business decision, money is lost. So what do we do ? We are very careful and try not to make the wrong decision. Here money is lost but we are very careful

So is there a way how we can avoid wrong decisions? Yes there is

Don’t get me wrong? I give you the theory. Not the practical proof

The correct answer is unerring intuition

Sri Aurobindo Congress another word – liberation of the psychic. What he meant was an aspect of soul that constantly turns to God

Both instances are very challenging. We make the mistake of thinking our emotions and thoughts are soul guidance or intuition. This of course is absurd.

The next question is how can I differentiate between thoughts and our random fantasy and intuition? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

IT is quite easy. When the mind and emotions are silent, then something within sends a vibration, coming from above and that vibration if you can see it , decipher it and follow it – can save a lot of anguish in life ! Simple

There maybe more steps in between though!

This is what Aurobindo says

There is only one thing which knows in you, that’s your psychic; it makes no mistake, it will immediately, instantaneously tell you, if you obey it without a word and without your ideas and arguments, it will make you do the right thing. But all the rest… you are lost. And for everything: what are you going to study, what are you not going to study, what work are you going to do, what path are you going to take? But then there are all the possibilities which come in, all that you have either studied or met in life, all the suggestions you have received from all sides, which are there, like that, dancing around you. And with what will you decide? I am speaking of people who are absolutely sincere and have no preconceived ideas, prejudices, established rules which they follow in a mechanical routine, without endeavouring to know the truth at all, and for whom their mental construction is the truth. Then it is so simple, one goes straight on his path, bumps his nose against the wall but doesn’t notice it until the nose is smashed. But otherwise it is terribly difficult.

This was what Sri Aurobindo meant when he said that one lived constantly in ignorance and that unless the mind of ignorance is replaced by the mind of light one could not follow the true path, and that this was the indispensable preparation before any integral transformation could take place.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1955, CWM volume 7, page 222.

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