Those who think they know it

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They know nothing

Ram Gopal Mazmudar even after 40 years of meditation, knowing all about Yoganabda6, the light of God constantly present in his room and could heal Yogananda illness in a fraction of a second said, “he is still starting”

There is much to experience. Don’t be satisfied with your shallow experience

A few people have left questions on the chat. I have tried to incorporate an answer in my blogs.

This is what mother ( Aurobindo) said

Essentially there is but one single true reason for living: it is to know oneself. We are here to learn — to learn what we are, why we are here, and what we have to do. And if we don’t know that, our life is altogether empty — for ourselves and for others.

And so, generally, it is better to begin early, for there is much to learn. If one wants to learn about life as it is, the world as it is, and then really know the why and the how of life, one can begin when very young, from the time one is very, very tiny — before the age of five. And then, when one is a hundred, one will still be able to learn. So it is interesting. And all the time one can have surprises, always learn something one didn’t know, meet with an experience one did not have before, find something one was ignorant of. It is surely very interesting. And the more one knows, the more aware does one become that one has everything to learn. Truly, I could say that only fools believe they know. That indeed is a sure sign, someone coming and telling you, “Oh! I know all that; oh! I know all that”; he is immediately sized up!

Another way of saying, the moment you thing you know it, you are stagnant. You are stuck

So not knowing is a sign you can progress

However, you may question, is there a point where you know it? Absolutely. But even at that you know you can go within deeper. But as a mere starting point, you will have proof of knowing. This is by understanding any scripture very easily. No part of any religion is complex. They are the masters who can bring unity but the world is not easy. Sad

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