A question

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Yesterday I asked a question to people who work with me

They hated me.

Suggested I torture someone else

Since this is purely voluntary, you may think twice before reading further

The question

If you came back to earth, and God gave you an option – which option would you take

A). Come back Rich but you don’t have God in your life

B). Come back piss poor. ( sorry for my English) but you have God in your life

Tough question. Some choose not you Answer. Most said option B. But they hesitated. Of course life would be difficult without money.

Many said they hope that God will give them the money. Or tried to negotiate

But they were missing an essential thing and understanding about God ! A critical one

Once you have God , you will not desire anything. In that way he is wicked. He takes over so much that you don’t want anything Just him. Is all you want

Secondly I don’t like a God and don’t want a God who need my prayer. This is not a God I want or recognize – a God who likes that I ask him for anything Just give it. He knows my heart. My desire.

So in other words I have…

Anyway, I am going to a wedding – thought of asking this question to the groom. Just afraid if the groom says piss poor, the bride will leave!

Maybe I should keep this question to myself

Interesting to see what people think

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