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This is a common issue and happens everywhere , all the time

How do you meditate and practice self realization or go to Samadhi with all the problems we face?

A valid question for centuries but even more so right now

Lets answer it in 3 different steps

  1. Just remember that meditation and prayers – and life difficulties are 2 separate issues. We often pray and meditate and hope our life challenges go away. It may happen and often times the answer is weak or limited. This does not mean there is no God but it means it was Gods will that we endure the current situation. Thats all. Why we have to endure – we may never know. Having said that, those who get their wishes granted through prayers, often develop an Ego and become reckless in life. It is better that this does not happen
  2. The people we meet and more often than not, the people who we are related to are often ………ready for this?……are often our “enemies” from past births. Anger and hatred is a strong attractor to bringing those people back in our lives. And this time around, you cannot escape from it. We are forced to endure. Lets say you somehow dislike someone because you constantly lie and they lied to such a degree that you looked bad in front of your boss and family. Now you may think you are justified in being angry and hateful. However, God is tricky in his ways. In your next birth, God may give that person to you as your son or daughter. That person has not changed his or her habits and will continue to lie but since it is your son or daughter, you will have some biological love. It is an opportunity for you to learn to leave even the sinners. How do I know this? Sadly, I cannot say this from any crystal ball. I know of someone, who was a miserly father who harassed his son for money all his life. They lived in Borsad, Gujarat. In the next birth, the son became the employer of the father and roles got reversed.
  3. So, how can you meditate with situations like this? Remember that when someone harasses you, what hurts you more is the emotional reaction to the situation more so than any physical pain. In some cases, there is truly a physical pain from serious money issues, food, shelter, etc. In those cases it is impossible to meditate and go within. But enduring it with love, automatically creates a certain self realization without the need for deep meditation. That endurances automatically splits the mind from the self. So, all yogis are told one thing – endure. Sita did it to an extra ordinary length. Rama did it and so did all the Pandavas. Whether we like it or not, the outside situation does not change and we have little power over it, but we do have a certain control with the mind.

I know this was a long answer and read it, delve into it, reflect on it. So what is the short answer?

  1. Continue to meditate
  2. Endure circumstances
  3. Stop the mind from thinking of the problem. If you can forget the problem, it magically disappears
  4. Adequate sleep helps
  5. In your mind, silently send thoughts that the other person changes his habits, stops drinking and sent it with love and caring. This is like metta.
  6. You have the right to pray to the great Yogis. They are there and they can help change the circusmtances at the right time!. Shirdi Sai baba, Neem Karoli Baba ( a silent prayer to them), no matter where you are can make a difference
  7. Remember, when you endure, the greatest obstacle to self realization goes away. The biggest obstacle is our own karma!

Blessing to all.

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