Examine your mind

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If only you kept a mental diary of your mind

If you observe Your mind (and since we identify with mind and all it’s garbage constantly) we can learn something important.

The mind has two tendencies. One is it likes to dwell on things that are fun. It could be anything. Food, sex, movies, gossiping, procastrinating, just being lazy, debates, being arrogant, boasting, being smug etc. As a result, it likes to do those things and looks forward to doing those things. It bides its time waiting for those things

The second thing is it has a strong aversion for things and it avoids it’s. The four letter word – work. It tries to avoid it. It hates some people. So it looks for ways to avoid them. It hates discomfort, it hates waiting, it hates losing, etc

These are the two kleshas – Raag and Dvesha

Of course, as a result of this, the mind creates strategies, Dwells on strategies to avoid work, trying to procure wealth , strategies in dating, fear managing strategies, trying to schedule the future, strategies in stock market, expand business etc

Now observe your mind. Keep a good diary. What is your mind dwelling on all day?

Well someone might say I meditate and read the Bible or Gita or chant. But you do that , sometimes out of fear or because you enjoy reading them. My blog – you may enjoy reading it. You may want to use it to give lectures or brag.


Why not enjoy the joy of God all around you, within you? Seek that. Don’t enjoy the intellectual knowledge or information!

Now count the seconds we spend thinking of God alone and excluding people and other things in life? Most of our time, love and energy is wasted on other things very few on God. And we wonder why do I not connect with God? Why can’t I see him and talk with him?

Sad. Go straight to God

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